American Beauty Car Show 2016 puhvetis APTEK

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Date(s) - 14/07 - 17/07
22:00 - 05:00

Puhvet APTEK


# 14/07 PUHVET AVATUD! “Naised, baar ja muusika!”, Dr. Siimsalabim

# 15/07 TUBORG esitleb Cheap Wine : Heavy-Soul-Psych (FR) & Attitudes Spectrales : Ghost punk (LV) LIVE! + Dr. Drive

Puhveti sisehvoovi laval astuvad üles “Devil’s Smoke” suvetuuri raames Prantsumaa ja Läti rock’n’ roll bändid – Cheap Wine : Heavy-Soul-Psych (FR) ja Attitudes Spectrales : Ghost punk (LV)

Rohkem infot:

Cheap Wine : Heavy-Soul-Psych (FR)

Located in the middle of Isarian Fields, five young people distill their compositions through the timeless riffs directly imported from the 70s.
Cheap Wine crushes the grapes of death with its destructive groove.

Psychedelic flavors aged in oak barrels, blemished heavy blues from the community of peyote.

Consume with caution, 13% of psyche.

After a warm Welcoming by european heavy-lovers this last summer through Poland, Czech Republic, the Baltics and UK last year, they’ll hit the road again on the same grounds this summer presented by Celebration Days Records as as a part Two of their release tour ( started this spring with help from Magnificient Music, Dutch & European Stoner Rock
Around Germany, Czech republic, Scandinavia and Benelux), They’re going to introduce their second EP as they did during their Spanish release tour in January 2016 (Black Moon Creep Agency).

Attitudes Spectrales : Ghost punk (LV)

Les Attitudes Spectrales are a boy and a girl who love loud rock and roll and each others. They released an album called “Floral Wreck” in 2014, all by themselves, and for the summer of 2015 here comes “Where’s my Ghost Milk?” the second one. Sounds like a mix between The Psychedelic Barbarians, Ugly Mango Jefferson and The Laughing Chapels, 3 bands I just made up for this biography. Based in Riga, Latvia, they are French and Latvian if you are into “nationalities”. They like flowers though.

★ CHEAP WINE : Heavy-Soul-Psych (FR)



Avatud kaks välibaari!

# 09/07 DR. CORTES


Võimas aur, sõbrad!
Haapsalu, Karja 1


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